Fibery Goodies

Exotic & Luxury Fibers

Cashmere Combed Top

  • Alpaca - Baby 22 micron
  • Alpaca - Royal 18 micron
  • Alpaca - Superfine 26 micron
  • Alpaca/Tussah 50/50
  • Angelina
  • Angora - white 
  • Angora - French
  • Angora - dyed
  • Angora/Silk 50/50
  • Buffalo 
  • Baby Camel - combed top 
  • Baby Camel/Tussah 50/50
  • Cashmere - Cream Top
  • Cashmere- Fawn Top
  • Cashmere - White Top
  • Cashmere - Brown, Toffee
  • Cashmere/Merino 50/50
  • Cashmere/Mulberry 50/50
  • Cashmere/Silk handpainted
  • Chinchilla Fur Noil
  • Cotton Nepps dyed
  • Controlled Chaos Batts
  • Flax - natural or bleached 
  • Forest Fairie Exotic Blend camel silk alpaca merino
  • Guanaco
  • Hemp - Combed Top
  • Locks Marsham - handpainted
  • Locks Teeswater - handpainted
  • Merino 18.5 micron (100's grade)
  • Qiviut (Musk Ox)
  • Qiviut & Silk
  • Qiviut & Angora
  • Silk Mulberry
  • Silk Tussah
  • Slk Red Eri
  • Silk carrier Rods
  • Silk Hankies - Premium Quality 
  • Silk Hankies - Handpainted
  • Silk Laps - sheets up to 2 lbs
  • Silk Laps Dyed - 
  • Silk/White BFL 50/50
  • Vicuña - Combed Top
  • Yak - Combed Top - 3 colors
  • Yak & Silk

Felting Needles & Supplies



  • Artfelt Paper - see directions
  • Felting Needles - Triangle Felting Needles - Crown Felting Needles - Star , Inverted, Multi packs
  • Mulberry Bark
  • Foam - Self Healthing


Additional Needs: Dryer, tacking board or foam, water & plastic wrap (you can use a garbage sack for larger pieces) (Additional instructions can be found on the Artfelt Youtube channel)

1. Cut your artfelt paper out to larger than the size of the scarf or other project you want to make. Shrinkage will vary depending upon the type of fiber you use. You can overlap the artfelt paper to get it in the shape you want. Lay your artfelt paper onto a surface that you can poke a felting needle into such as a foam block.

2. Start laying thin layers of fiber in your desired design down the length of the paper making sure to get it all covered. Use your felting needle to tack the fiber with about 1 poke every inch. (You are only tacking the fiber not trying to felt it) Let the fiber hang off the end of the paper if you want fringe. Start laying the remaining fiber across the width of the paper making sure to get it all covered.  You can leave some thin spots as you lay your roving out for a lacey look.

3. Lay your project out on a piece of plastic wrap and sprinkle with water until it is all wet. Gently work out the excess water and then carefully roll your piece (paper side down) into a roll keeping the plastic wrap in place. Put your roll into panty hose or sock and tie the end. Place a couple of rubber bands on the roll to keep it from shifting and I also like to tie with some yarn.

4. Put into the dryer with NO heat and tumble about 15-20 minutes – you may need to take out and roll up the other direction. Tumble about 15 more minutes and then check the durability of the felt with your fingernail. You can gently pull the piece into shape in between re-rolling it. Continue tumbling until the felt is as thick and strong as you want it. 

5. Dissolve the paper by pouring boiling water and gently stirring until no longer sticky (you may want to put a dash of vinegar in your water). Rinse well with warm water. Remove excess water by rolling into a towel and then allow to air dry.

6. Once dry you can embellish this with beads and/or yarn and fringe.

Other Items

Angora Rabbit & Baby Alpaca

We also make gorgeous hats specializing in angora/alpaca stocking hats that are very warm and yet lightweight.

We also have a design that works well under a motorcycle helmet that is very popular.  It features a thinner top that fits under the helmet and a shorter brim that just covers the ears, but allows you to still do up the straps.

Also created, are felted and knitted or crocheted scarves.

Handpainted Silk Hankies

Silk Hankies

Great for use in nuno felting, spinning, silk fusion, paper making, or just draft by hand and knit or crochet

Llama Wool Sweater


This sweater is made from handspun llama wool yarn.  I used only the finest fiber and it is very soft and incredibly warm.  Size XL - $395.00

Handpainted Cashmere & Silk


Check out my various hand painted silk blends with Cashmere, Baby Camel, Yak, Angora Rabbit, or Alpaca.  Don't see colors you want in my eBay or Etsy stores, just ask and I may have it in my show inventory.  I can also do custom orders.  Please note my dyeing is usually one of a kind as I am an artistic dyer rather than scientific dyer!!